Charity Raffle for the annual Yorkhill Easter Egg Run!

Over the years we’ve been personally involved with fundraising for The Yorkhill Children’s Foundation through the annual Easter Egg Run and found it to be a fantastic experience, great fun while raising funds for a very worthwhile charity.

This year will be different because we now have the Studio and the opportunity to give a little more than normal! To see the look on the Children’s (and their family’s) faces as we park up at Yorkhill after passing through the hospital complex on bikes (and/or riders) dressed up in all sorts of gear is a wonderful feeling. But to make a healthy donation afterwards is even better a feeling and knowing it comes from wonderful people like yourselves will no doubt add to that too.

So, dig deep and get involved in a good, old-fashioned RAFFLE!

£1 a ticket, £5 a strip – available in the Studios when you’re in or online via our website (we’ll send you an e-mail with your raffle ticket numbers in it), and on Easter Sunday we will have an independent third-party draw the winning tickets!

20hrs Credit Block (Main Studio) – worth £350
8hr Full-Day Hire (Main Studio) – worth £140
4hr Half-Day Hire (Main Studio) – worth £75

Winners will be announced on Easter Sunday, will say late on as we don’t know when the party will end after Yorkhill; we usually take a blast on the bikes and spend some time feeling good about the day 😀

You gotta be in it to win it, good luck!

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